Extra Curricular Activities

Inter Company Championship With a sole aim of overall development of students, the school arranges a lot of activities.
 ‘Sound mind in a sound body’ goes the precept and hence the stress is given on the development of a good physique through various field competitions. Various games /sports are being taught to the students and the competitions are held to check the prowess of the students in them. The winners are awarded trophies and medals.Likewise, the co-curricular and extra curricular activities are held to sharpen the intellect of the students, for e.g. through debate, the student’s argumentative skill and thinking process is challenged, Quiz prompts him to be aware of the world around him and poem recitation competition goads him to learn to love music.
Adventure Sports We are just going to start Training in the adventurous sport like river crossing, jumaring, jungle trekking, rafting, kayaking, parasailing, rock climbing etc. is imparted to the is imparted to the students on every weekend. Computer Lab The world of Information Technology is developing at an amazing pace. Computers have revolutionized the way we live and interact with each other. Internet has brought the treasure of unlimited knowledge and information to our doorsteps. The Shanti Niketan Shikshan Sansthan saharsa is making full use of this technological boon for the benefit of its students. Manik Institute of Information Technology – a state of the art computer lab with around 20 computers of the latest configuration and Internet facility, offers education up to programming level.
Computer education has been made a regular and compulsory part of the school curriculum. The school is also equipped with a multimedia projector. Classroom teaching is made more interesting and informative by the use of interactive audio-visual aids.The school has a dedicated Computer Section with 21 computer stations with multi media and internet facility. Computer education is given from std II. Science Labs The school has three separate science labs with all the facilities. Library The school provides excellent library and reading room facility. It is well stocked with books covering all spheres of activities and varied tastes. The school subscribes to many magazines and newspapers.The students have two compulsory periods for library in a fortnight. Each student is allowed to borrow two books at time. Library is computerized. Audio Visual Room The school has audio visual room equipped with multimedia computer with LCD projectors where interactive teaching of all the subjects through computer takes place Co-curricular activities and Hobbies In keeping with its objective of working for the overall personality development of the students, the school organizes a wide variety of co-curricular activities such as debates, dramatics, essay writing, elocution and quizzes.
Hobbies such as Music, Photography, Art, Clay modeling, Carpentry and Agriculture are encouraged in order that the creative urge of the students is fulfilled. The school has the following clubs and societies:
Literature Society
Art Society
Music Society
Science Club
Dramatics Society
Photography Club
Computer Club
Social Service Organization Performance Character Development with Academic Excellence has been the guiding principle of the school in all its endeavours since its inception. The school strives to instill into the minds of the students the eternal and universal values of love, service, non-violence, compassion, discipline, truthfulness and the like through various means. The best of them being through personal example of the dedicated band of teachers who serve the students with a missionary zeal to see to it that they blossom in all aspects of human excellence, be it physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic or spiritual. To see the performance of the school in this aspect one must observe a student of the school – his discipline, his morality and his humility. Character Development