Games & Sports Activities

Organized physical activity, especially team games, are regarded by the school as of definite educational value apart from the immense physical development which they promote.Football, volleyball, hockey, cricket and basketball are among the team games provided. The school has four vast play-fields. Boys have also to learn and acquire skills in athletics and physical training. Participation in physical activity is compulsory, unless, a boy is exempted on health grounds. Training in Yoga and martial arts is also an integral part of the school’s physical education programme.
The inter-house matches in cricket, volleyball, football etc. are closely contested events. The annual athletic meet is an important and colourful event in the school’s sports calendar. The school provides a conducive and an encouraging environment for students to pursue their interests and hone skills in their choice-area of activities besides cocurricular and academic pursuits.
Sports and games amenities of the school range from courts for games like basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and shuttle to a full-fledged cricket.There are inter-house competitions held also for a variety of indoor games like Table Tennis,Chess,Carrom and the like every year. For the Annual Games and Sports