Our Aim

We, at the Shanti Niketan Shikshan Sansthan Saharsa, believe that the central task of education is to produce learning and not learned people; since the moment one thinks he has become learned, the process of learning stagnates. It is our firm belief that ‘education is that which remains in us after we have forgotten what we learned in our books. This philosophy of education has always inspired us to instill in our students as well as our teachers an undying urge to acquire knowledge in its pristine form and to keep alive the interactive process of learning and teaching.
We feel that mere providing of bookish education and preparing students for public examinations is not sufficient. Therefore, each boy in the school is encouraged and helped to develop himself into a completely integrated personality and a responsible member of society.
For achieving this, the boys are exposed to a wide variety of physical, intellectual, cultural and social activities. The aim behind engaging students in activities such as debates, dramatics and elocution, is to provide the right kind of scope for their intellectual, emotional and creative development.
Power of knowledge and Knowledge of power We are a progressive school; we love our country and foresee a Powerful India. And since today’s children are going to lead a powerful India tomorrow, we aim at all-round development of this generation of young impressionable Indians.