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About Us


Shanti Niketan Shikshan Sansthan

Previously known as Tuition Bureau Residential School was founded by Mr. Ajit Kumar Biswas on 12 Jan 2004 with a very small number of students.
The School florished in a very short span of time by the hard labour of Mr. Biswas and his dedicated staff. It was a fully residential school for boys and girls. Before it was situated at Gautam Nagar, Gangjala W.N.- 12, Saharsa, 4 kilometres to the north of Railway Station.
Its aim was to prepare the students for public examinations and to attend to their growth and development so that they might become strong and healthy citizen of the country and learn to respect the higher values of life and became responsible of their society and its people and the school successful in the goals to a greats extent.
Now the school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and run as Shanti Niketan Shikshan Sansthan in new location from classes I to X in English medium and has about 800 students. It is situated 10 kilometres away from Saharsa Kachhahari Station & 1.5 kilometres from Panchgachhia Railway Station.  

AIM of Our School

We, at the Shanti Niketan Shikshan Sansthan Saharsa, believe that the central task of education is to produce learning and not learned people; since the moment one thinks he has become learned, the process of learning stagnates. It is our firm belief that ‘education is that which remains in us after we have forgotten what we learned in our books. This philosophy of education has always inspired us to instill in our students as well as our teachers an undying urge to acquire knowledge in its pristine form and to keep alive the interactive process of learning and teaching.
We feel that mere providing of bookish education and preparing students for public examinations is not sufficient. Therefore, each boy in the school is encouraged and helped to develop himself into a completely integrated personality and a responsible member of society.
For achieving this, the boys are exposed to a wide variety of physical, intellectual, cultural and social activities. The aim behind engaging students in activities such as debates, dramatics and elocution, is to provide the right kind of scope for their intellectual, emotional and creative development.
Power of knowledge and Knowledge of power We are a progressive school; we love our country and foresee a Powerful India. And since today’s children are going to lead a powerful India tomorrow, we aim at all-round development of this generation of young impressionable Indians.

Mission Our School

It is the mission of the Shanti Niketan Shikshan Sansthan to produce educated and honorable citizens prepared for the varied work of civil life, imbued with love towards motherland, confident in the functions and attitudes of leadership, possessing a high sense of public service and ready as citizen soldiers to defend their country in time of national peril.

Building a powerful generation of young Indians through Academic Excellence, Character Building, Personality Development, and confidence-building.


Why Our School is Better

  • Our School students achieved Merit Certificate from CBSE New Delhi.
  • Our students have obtained 100 Marks in Social Science in their board exam.
  • Our teachers know what’s the best for your Children.
  • Each and every year our past students are doing the best in their fields.
  • The Best Result in Secondary School Examination Board in Saharsa Region.
  • The Best Canteen Facilites in school Campus.
  • Our School provides special benefits for Handicaped / BPL / Minority students.

We believe “Action says more than words”

A Better Future Starts Here

Building a powerful generation of young Indians through Academic Excellence, Character Building, Personality Development, and confidence-building. To attend to their growth and development.


A Classical Education for the Future

We know how to adapt to the new era, we prepare ourselves accordingly. We are always ready to meet your education needs with new techniques and methods. Enroll yourself in your classes to begin the new academic journey of the new semester with a new online system.


Take your children to the next level

We cannot build the future for our kids, But we can build our kids for the future…

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Academic Excellence and Cultural Diversity

While a lot of emphases is laid on the character development of the students, this is in no way at the cost of academic excellence. The well-qualified and committed teachers leave no stone unturned to see to it that the outstanding academic excellence record of the school is maintained year after year.
The school has been maintaining a 100% pass record with around 90% of them with first division, consistently year after year for two decades now.